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At Fintech Latvia Association, our primary objective is to fortify the fintech sector within Latvia and elevate its global standing. We achieve this by cultivating a robust network of allies and partnering organizations spanning various industries. Collaborating closely with fintech hubs, investors, venture capitalists, advisors, and incubation and acceleration programs, we offer our members access to a diverse array of skilled professionals and organizations dedicated to nurturing continued progress and expansion.

Should you require an introduction to any of our esteemed partners, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at We’re here to facilitate connections and support your journey within the fintech ecosystem.

Mastercard has launched the Lighthouse program to establish lasting partnerships with leading fintech, cybersecurity, and productivity startups. The program aims to bring together startups, banks, investors, and advisors to scale innovative ideas.

The Mastercard Lighthouse program consists of two tracks:

The FINITIV program focuses on fintechs and fintech enablers based and/or operating in the Nordics and Baltics that aim to scale through partnerships.

The MASSIV program targets impact startups in the Nordics and Baltics with the goal of helping one billion people live more prosperous and secure lives by 2025.

Tenity is a startup incubator, accelerator and early-stage VC founded in 2016 in Zurich focused primarily on Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech and Deeptech. It provides incubation and acceleration programs helping startups to connect with corporates, experts, mentors, and investors for early stage venture and late stage venture investing, and collaboration opportunities. The company currently has operating hubs in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, and Tallinn.

Gravity HUB is an investor embassy based in Latvia, Riga. Gravity HUB mission is to create an environment where venture capital firms and investors can make an impact on the CEE startup ecosystem.

IronWolf Capital is an early-stage deep tech and AI-focused VC fund based in Vilnius and London. They invest in teams across the Baltics and the Baltic diaspora with disruptive technologies and global mindsets. They support their portfolio companies with a unique blend of operational and investment experience as well as a network across several continents. Their portfolio includes startups such as eAgronom, Turing College, Rendin, Squad Robotis, Litilit, and more.

Techpassport is revolutionizing the way emerging tech companies collaborate with enterprises, it’s the curated SaaS marketplace which, in exclusive collaboration with banks, guarantees the highest quality analytics and shapes the future of EmTech. simplifies software compliance processes for businesses by offering a comprehensive platform that connects emerging technology providers with financial institutions for compliance task automation. From GDPR to ISO compliance, their solution enables efficient assessment, tracking, and maintenance of compliance. By centralizing data and automating workflows, helps organizations reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, offering a valuable asset in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

The Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN) is a network of angel investors who make investments in startups with exceptional growth potential. Ex-business owners and other curious, experienced professionals support founders of innovative projects in Latvia and abroad with their expertise, time, and money.

Chapter54 is a program designed for European Tech companies with aspirations to enter African markets. The tailor-made program is sector-agnostic and equity-free and offers a curated network of hands-on mentors and a wide array of benefits. Chapter54 is powered by global investment firm Partech via its startup campus Partech Shaker and was initiated by Germany’s KfW Development Bank. Chapter54 has already accelerated companies such as Ebury, Ledger or SumUp.

Flashpoint is an international tech investment manager with c. $500 million AUM focused on US and Western European tech companies originating out of Europe and Israel. Flashpoint manages five venture funds across 3 products: Venture Capital, Growth Debt, and Direct Secondary. The firm is headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Tel-Aviv, Budapest, Warsaw, Riga and Nicosia.

Flashpoint mission is to bring together capital, knowledge, people, and best practices and help socially responsible development. Monetary returns are important, but non-tangible aspects of Flashpoint work are equally important for the team. Flashpoint has invested a third of its capital in themes that change the world for the better, this includes investments in e-learning, telemedicine, and online job platforms.

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