Fintech Breakfast: “Fintech development strategy: education”

Published On: June 20th, 2023

We went back to school! What a blast this was! We already knew before this Fintech Breakfast that the topic of education from a fintech perspective would be a hot one! But we didn’t expect it to turn out to be SO productive and to have an outline of what to do next! Interesting insights into the role of higher education institutions in the fintech ecosystem from Dina Busse, Deputy Director of the Financial Market Policy Department, Head of the Credit Institutions and Payment Services Policy Division, @Finansu ministrija, and Līga Peiseniece, Rector of @Banku augstskola and Nauris Bloks, Member of the Board of @DelfinGroup, spoke passionately about the industry’s development trends and the necessary competences for talent, and about the innovations that are already in the industry – the present, not the future.

This Fintech Breakfast achieved its main objective, as a lively discussion and Q&A session will continue to push the conversation beyond the breakfast format for policy makers and industry representatives!

Many thanks to the panelists: Gints Bērziņš “Swedbank”, Dina Buse “Ministry of finance”, Nauris Bloks “Delfingroup”, Andris Teikmanis (Council Of Higher Education), as well as moderator Andris Nātriņš, Vice-Chairman of the Council of BA School of Business and Finance.

Thank you very much BA School of Business and Finance for welcoming us to the auditorium, for the opportunity to go back to basics – to education. Also, thank you Riga Business School, RTU for engaging in discussions – it’s how the future is being modelled and how the industry is evolving!

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