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Financial literacy

Financial literacy platform is found here

Eleving Group has launched a financial literacy platform with a five-minute test where everyone can assess their current loan health or calculate potential financing opportunities. The main objective of the platform is to educate consumers about financial management and the key aspects to consider when planning new loan commitments. The company aims to educate more than 500 000 consumers across the represented markets by 2025.

Financial literacy webinars for employees

Eleving Group organizes an annual internal webinar on financial literacy and personal budget planning for Group’s employees. The main objective is to provide staff with valuable recommendations on how to balance their budgets in times of rising inflation and how to boost their financial well-being. In 2022, more than 200 employees participated in the financial literacy webinar. The respective webinar was developed in cooperation with Investoru Klubs.

The aim of the platform initiator – AS 4finance – is to provide an individual approach to each consumer, to help them evaluate the lender, as well as to educate about the basic principles of responsible borrowing.

This platform provides answers to the most important questions related to the loan application process, the terms and conditions of the loan and the repayment process, as well as other useful information for customers. It is a source of information that brings together useful, up-to-date, quality information on industry news, personal financial planning and borrowing in a clear and easy-to-read format.

“Financial Skills” course for 12th graders

In order to raise a financially educated generation of future participants in the economic system, who will be able to make wise and forward-looking financial decisions independently, the non-bank lending market leader AS “4finance”, in cooperation with the professional further education centre “Digitālo prasmju centrs”, in 2022 has launched a training course for 12th grade students “Financial skills”.

The aim of the course is to create an understanding of the nature of monetary instruments and the methods of their application among students, to develop practical knowledge of financial decision-making and to provide students with sufficient knowledge of technical skills and economic processes.

A new section “Financial Skills” has been created on the website, where you can find out more about the course “Financial Skills” for 12th graders.

Financial literacy leaflet for seniors is found here

DelfinGroup’s financial literacy initiatives focus on sustainable financial literacy culture and competence development among the most vulnerable population in Latvia – seniors. The company actively supports the Latvian Senior Citizens’ Association (LSKA), in cooperation with which it organises seminars for seniors on money literacy, smart budgeting and cost-cutting opportunities. Taking advantage of DelfinGroup’s extensive branch network, around 5 000 printed leaflets were placed in more than 90 branches in 38 Latvian cities by the end of 2022. From them, seniors and other interested parties can get tips to reduce everyday spending and information on available state support. The company will continue to make seniors a primary target group in its financial literacy activities to provide them with skills and knowledge relevant to the times and to promote seniors’ social and financial inclusion.

Educational content is also created and featured on the Banknotes blog.

Consumer Rights Protection Centre’s educational material “Basic Financial Literacy Course – Towards Life Mastery”

The Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC) draws consumers’ attention to financial literacy and has therefore developed a financial literacy resource “Basic Financial Literacy Course – Towards Life Mastery”, aimed at educators and young people, as well as anyone who wants to better understand how to manage their money – choosing and using different financial products, planning their budget and spending and protecting themselves from potential fraud.

The “Basic Financial Literacy Course – Towards Life Mastery” is available here:

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