Finance and tax

Inta Pūpolberga
Inta PūpolbergaAS 4finance Group Senior Tax Project Manager (group leader)
Edgars Hercenbergs
Edgars HercenbergsSenior Associate at Sorainen
Ļubova Zaiceva
Ļubova ZaicevaAccounting expert at VIA SMS Group
Dainis Kronbergs
Dainis KronbergsAS Sun Finance Group Tax Project Manager
Aldis Umblejs
Aldis Umblejs AS DelfinGroup Chief Financial Officer
Aija Lasmane
Aija LasmaneTax Partner at Sorainen
Tamāra Hakova
Tamāra HakovaChief Financial Officer at VIA SMS Group
Tomasz Kryczka
Tomasz KryczkaTax Manager – IPF Digital

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