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Join us for a compelling webinar that ventures into the evolving landscape of financial data sharing, marked by the emergence of ‘Open Finance’ alongside ‘Open Banking’. This session is part of the Fintech Academy knowledge sharing project by Fintech Latvia Association and aims to unravel the complexities and opportunities that lie ahead with the proposed FiDA Regulation. 

With the European Commission’s proposal now under scrutiny in the European Parliament and the Council, the adoption of the FiDA Regulation promises to redefine business models, products, and customer engagement strategies across the financial sector. Unlike Open Banking, Open Finance extends to a wider array of financial data, promising a broader impact on credit institutions, crowdfunding service providers, crypto asset service providers, and many more. Delve into the intricacies of Open Finance, its operational distinctions from Open Banking, and what this means for the future of financial services.

The webinar is held in cooperation with Fintech Latvia member organization Ellex – Baltic circle of legal excellence. 

When: April 12, 2024 at 10.00-11.30

Price: €25 for members and €50 for non-members


10.00: Welcome and Introduction

10.05-10.50 FiDA Regulation and detailed overview of Open Banking and evolving Open Finance.

10.50-11.00 Q&A Session for Open Finance

11.00-11.20 Brief intro to EU Regulatory Developments

  • The recently adopted Consumer Credit Directive.
  • Developments in Distance Contracts for Financial Services and Instant Payments Regulations.
  • Proposals for Digital Euro, PSD3/PSR, and the Listing Package.

11.20-11.30 Q&A Session for EU Regulatory Developments

11.30 Closing Remarks

Join us to navigate the future of finance, where understanding the landscape of Open Finance and regulatory developments could be key to leveraging new opportunities in the financial sector.

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