European Fintechs More United Than Ever

Published On: March 20th, 2024

In recent months, EDFA has experienced a remarkable influx of new members, reflecting a growing demand for enhanced cross-border collaboration, visibility, and efficiency within the digital finance sector. This influx underscores a collective drive among industry stakeholders to foster a more interconnected and vibrant ecosystem.

Currently representing over 15 countries, EDFA is an essential partner for understanding the digital finance sector in Europe. It allows policymakers and regulators to have professional representatives from this sector and major private players to find the hidden gems they seek to enhance their services and products. “With the number of interested associations, we should have about 30 associations representing around 20 countries by the end of the year” says Xavier Corman, the new co-Secretary General.

To meet this mission, the EDFA board has been refreshed with new directors representing digital finance ecosystems: Alessandra Guion (Fintech Belgium), Kristen Charvin (France Fintech), Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz (Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association), Gabor Davidhazy (Hungarian Electronic Payment Service Providers Association), Sergio Zocchi (Italia Fintech), Don Ginsel (Holland Fintech), Cosmin Cosma (Romanian Fintech Association), Tina Lūse (Fintech Latvia Association), and Daniel Isdal Furset (Norway Fintech). A new President has been elected: Don Ginsel of Holland Fintech. The goal of this new board is to create more interactivity and cooperation among European fintechs, advocate for the emergence of better services for European citizens, and stimulate creativity in the face of international competition.

To this end, EDFA invites all ecosystems active in digital finance to join our ranks!

About EDFA: The European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) is the premier organization dedicated to uniting and empowering the digital finance industry across Europe. By fostering collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity, EDFA endeavors to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that propels the growth and competitiveness of its diverse members. EDFA indirectly represents more than two thousand fintech, insurtech, and regtech companies in the EEA.

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