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The Fintech Latvia Association unites companies outside the banking sector that provide financial services to the population of Latvia with the aim of improving the industry’s reputation, representing the interests of its members in public and engaging in policy-making activities for the benefit of the industry. Any merchant engaged in the provision of financial services or their support services to consumers in Latvia or merchants operating in the financial sector may become a member of the Latvian Association of Alternative Financial Services.

Member’s benefits package

Be informed:

  • Receive regular updates on industry relevant legislation changes monitoring
  • Receive regular media monitoring
  • Receive quarterly update on FLA & it’s members news

Network &
exchange ideas:

  • Participate in Expert panels devoted to discuss various industry specific matters
  • Get access to special offers from public and private stakeholders
  • Receive information on various industry events and special participation offers


  • Participate in improving the regulatory environment
  • Participate in maintaining dialogue with regulators and policy makers
  • Participate in creating data surveys

Be supported and represented:

  • Receive Lobbying service, where FLA will communicate opinions formed in the Expert panels to the relevant stakeholders
  • FLA Managing Director and experts will represent members interests in various working groups and forums
  • FLA will procure necessary expert opinions

To become a member:



Fill the member application form



Commit to appoint experts into Expert panels



Commit to comply with FLA statutes, legal regulations and industry standards



Commit to pay membership fee



Submit an application form to


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